Challenges Placing Pressure on Demanding Site Schedules

Your project is running along just fine.  The weather is cooperating. Permits are in in place, inspections are passed. Then it happens.  That unforscene water issue.  Whether it be TSS, organics, dissolved metals, or even ph balancing, you’re now faced with, “how will we” and ” what’s the most efficient -cost vs time” way to deal with this? And we all know too well, time is money, and usually, BIG money. LimeGREEN’s experience and resources in filtration, can provide a solution, or work with your team in a collective effort, to best help keep your project on schedule, and on budget.

Ask us about: Tunneling Projects in Toronto and Ottawa.  Emergency response in Barrie.  Heavy industrial and construction in Hamilton


DSC09077LimeGREEN has been one of Ontario’s fastest growing tank rental companies. We are 100% Canadian owned, easy to do business with, and proven results.  Many sectors have benefited from LimeGREEN’s service, and rental inventory such as Pipeline, Industrial Services, Drilling, Dewatering, Water Treatment Plants, Refineries, Mines and many others.  Tanks, tanks, and more tanks. Waste tanks, settling tanks, open top tanks, weir tanks or baffle tanks, and many other types, all designed to SAVE you TIME and MONEY.  Supporting the growing inventory of tanks, are Filters, pumps, and hose, spill berms, and flowmeters.  Have a special “one off” request?  Speak to a LimeGREEN representative about your needs, and we’ll work with you, to help keep your project on schedule, and on budget.  844 444 2100



When waste, containment, and urgency all come together, nothing is more important than delivering service.  Whether your team needs responsiveness or answers, LimeGREEN’s dedicated team, is now your team! From site visits, recommendations on systems, to billing and administrative co-operation, we support your efforts, every step of the way.

High Quality Fluid Hose

High Quality Fluid Hose

High quality fluid handling hose can mean the difference between success, and disaster…demanding pump curves are creating higher pressures and flows than ever.

Bauer Fittings: secure connection, with higher pressure ratings than that of a cam lock.
Crimped Connections : Higher pressure rating than that of competitors using hammer lock connections
GoldFlex Hose: Thick and durable, has higher resistance to bursting, puncture, and PH fluctuating liquids